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Amy Schumer recruits Oscar-winning actresses to blast Hollywood's women problem

Hollywood has a women problem — even besides the poor lack of representation in directorial roles, it is hard to find dynamic, complicated female characters on screen, much less in lead roles. Amy Schumer eviscerated the system on Inside Amy Schumer Thursday night with the help of real life Oscar-winners Julianne Moore and Jennifer Hudson as well as nominees Maggie Gyllenhaal and Laura Linney.

In the skit, Steve Buscemi introduces the award for Best Actress, where each woman has been nominated for a part in which she plays someone's wife bawling helplessly on the phone. As if that wasn't searing enough, Buscemi quips, "Without the five beautiful, talented women we're honoring now, their movies would only have five names on the poster, instead of six."

The worst part, though? While the fake movies are clearly jokes, the roles for women seem depressingly realistic. Watch below. Jeva Lange