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Bill and Hillary Clinton have made $6.7 million from speeches since January 2015

Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign hasn't hampered Bill Clinton from keeping up his gig of making paid speeches. The Clinton campaign's release of the couple's latest personal financial disclosure Tuesday night reveals that they've brought in $6.7 million from paid speeches in the last 16 months, with Bill accounting for $5 million of that number.

Over half of that — $2.7 million — was earned after Hillary announced her candidacy last April. Just four days after she announced, Bill earned $300,000 for a speech he gave in front of the Oracle Corporation in Rancho Mirage, California. Over the past year, he has given speeches to the Wyndham Hotel Group in Las Vegas, the private equity firm Apollo Management Holdings, UBS Wealth Management, America's Health Insurance Plans, and the Texas China Business Council, among other groups.

However, according to the form, Bill stopped giving paid speeches as of November 2015, and he has said he would not continue his speaking gigs if his wife is elected president. Hillary has not given any paid speeches since launching her presidential run.

Despite the Wednesday Federal Election Commission deadline, Hillary is the only candidate to have released her statement so far. Sen. Bernie Sanders has filed for an extension. Donald Trump has promised his latest report will be out Wednesday, and he says that it shows a "tremendous cash flow" and an income of over half a billion dollars.