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Tom Brady just appealed his suspension because Deflategate is seriously still happening

Worried Deflategate was finally resolved? Never fear, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady appealed his four-game suspension to the entire U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday, one month after a court reinstated it.

As a reminder, this legal back-and-forth is all the result of Brady's alleged role in his team's deflating of footballs to get an advantage over the Indianapolis Colts in a 2015 playoff game. Naturally, the Pats went on to win the Super Bowl that year.

If the court doesn't hand down a verdict before football season starts, the head of Brady's legal team said he'd ask for a stay, The Boston Globe reports. Ultimately, Deflategate may make its way up to the Supreme Court, in which case Merrick Garland should start hoping he never gets approval to join the bench.