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Donald Trump claimed to have the 'world's greatest memory.' Now he doesn't remember saying that.

Back in November, presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump revealed his conviction that he has "the world's greatest memory," a declaration he announced is "one thing everyone agrees on." Now, he can't remember saying that.

In a released transcript of a deposition for the ongoing Trump University lawsuit, a lawyer questioning Trump mentioned the memory claim. "I don't know. Did I use that expression?" Trump replied, asking to see video evidence of his remark. "Did I say I have a great memory or one of the best in the world?" he continued. "I don't remember saying that. As good as my memory is, I don't remember that, but I have a good memory."

"So you don't remember saying that you have one of the best memories in the world?" the attorney confirmed. Trump answered, "I don't remember that. I remember you telling me, but I don't know that I said it." He was, however, willing to concede claiming the slightly more modest attribute of "one of the all-time great memories."