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Hillary Clinton forgets to use her inside voice during labor union speech

If Hillary Clinton really wants to know why she isn't 50 points ahead of Donald Trump in the polls, perhaps she should rewatch her video conference address to the Laborers' International Union of North America. In a speech Wednesday addressing working families, Clinton explains — or rather, shouts — why she is clearly a better advocate for them than Donald Trump. "If you do know somebody who might be voting for Trump, stage an intervention," Clinton said. "Try to talk some sense into them. Lay out the facts. The facts are on our side, about what I've done versus what he's done. Remember, friends don't let friends vote for Trump."

While her message, which includes her support for infrastructure, collective bargaining, and raising the minimum wage, might be appealing, her delivery is another story. Give the speech a watch, below. Becca Stanek