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Election Day 2016

Mike Huckabee makes voter fraud joke about 'I Voted' stickers on Susan B. Anthony's tombstone

Former Arkansas governor and GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is pointing to a new possible venue for electoral shenanigans: The grave site of the legendary suffragette Susan B. Anthony, to which crowds of people had lined up to pay homage today in anticipation of the possible election of Hillary Clinton as the first woman president.

Donald Trump and his prominent supporters have been promoting rumors that the election would be "rigged" against him — including, in The Donald's own words, opinion polls that are "purposefully wrong," and also voting machines that allegedly "when people vote for Republicans, the entire ticket switches over to Democrats." He has also suggested in the past that dead people would vote in great numbers in this election.

Such rumors have not been substantiated, beyond stray reports of voting machines that may have malfunctioned and would be replaced promptly.