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Lauren Graham puts one Gilmore Girls controversy firmly to rest on Colbert's Late Show

Stephen Colbert and his family binge-watched the entire new season of Gilmore Girls on Saturday, in their pajamas, subsisting on coffee and pancakes, he told guest Lauren Graham on Thursday's Late Show. Graham said making the new episodes nine years after the old series ended was extremely emotional, and she urged people to "watch them on something bigger than a Pop Tart," like a TV set. "It's hard to get the widescreen TV into the bathroom with you while you're watching it," Colbert noted, and Graham called that "a lovely image — there I am in everyone's bathroom."

Colbert turned to some of the chatter online about the new series, and one point in particular. "There has been a bit of an online complaining that, you know, you, at Luke's you guys drink a lot of coffee," Colbert said, "but people online are saying clearly the coffee cups never have anything in them, because they look empty." He showed a printout of this tweet from a professor in Canada:

Graham looked shocked and bemused. "I want to tell you one thing that is a true thing," she said. "There is always coffee in my cup." "That sounds like a metaphor," Colbert laughed, but it wasn't. "So there really is coffee in the cups?" he asked, and she replied, "Always — that is a pet peeve of mine." She looked at the photo and demonstrated how she can, in fact, hold a full cup by the bottom and drink. But she was sympathetic to the idea of the complaint. "That's a pet peeve of mine, too, when you see, like, somebody carrying luggage and they're swinging it over and around," she said, laughing. "I love the 'controversies' that are cropping up. Whoa!" Watch below. Peter Weber