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This zany viral 'Japanese commercial' predicted what the world would look like if Trump was elected president

If you're just tuning in, "President Donald Trump" is no longer a CGI fantasy — but it once was. In June 2016, a month before the Republican National Convention, a video called "Japanese Donald Trump commercial" went viral for its zany prediction of what life would look like after Trump is elected "world president":

Director Mike Diva made the video, and in it he envisions a kaleidoscopic planet where Trump "is everywhere," ABC News reports, "on the trees, on the head of an alpaca, as a military leader, and as a dancer." Trump also turns into a robot and destroys the planet, but the video is apparently intentionally ambiguous on if it supports Trump or is made against him.

No matter what its exact intention, the "commercial" is certainly entertaining — especially now that, in some form or another, it could actually become reality. Learn more about Diva and his motivation for making the commercial here.