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Even Richard Nixon's White House counsel thinks Trump is 'trashing the American presidency'

John Dean, former White House counsel under former President Richard Nixon, is sounding the alarms about President Trump. In a string of tweets Monday night, Dean shared an article about the unprecedented inclusion of a chief strategist on the National Security Council, and warned Trump is "just getting started" on "trashing the presidency":

Dean then slammed the Trump administration's letter firing acting Attorney General Sally Yates because of her opposition to Trump's immigration executive order, calling the statement a "new low":

He followed that up with a doomsday prediction of how this will all end:

And then, Dean retweeted a post suggesting Trump is actually worse than Nixon, who was the only U.S. president ever to resign from office after his involvement in the Watergate scandal:

Before Nixon stepped down, there was the "Saturday Night Massacre," in which he fired the special prosecutor handling the Watergate case, spurring the attorney general and deputy attorney general to resign after refusing to follow Nixon's orders. Nixon, The Washington Post reported, "went on to abolish the special prosecutor's office entirely."

Trump's firing Monday night is being called the "Monday Night Massacre." But if Nixon's former White House counsel is right, this is an entirely different beast.