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Houston has been preparing security for Super Bowl LI 'for several years'

More than a million people are expected to flood Houston, Texas, on Sunday for Super Bowl LI, and local, federal, and private security organizations and agents are doing everything they can to ensure the event goes smoothly and safely. Although law enforcement says there are no credible threats against Super Bowl LI, security preparations have been in the works for Sunday's game alone "for the past several years," Jesse Palmer reported to Good Morning America.

"We have almost three miles of security perimeter around our venues," said the senior vice president of security for the NFL, Cathy Lanier, at a press conference. Barricades erected downtown are intended to prevent vehicles from driving into the massive crowds expected around the stadium, and "smart cameras" will pick up any abnormal activities.

"If we had an object left behind or a vehicle placed where it shouldn't be, the cameras could actually pick that up and flag that as an abnormal event and trigger an alert for us to look at that," explained Darren Pokonene, a solutions architect at the Verizon Command Center.

More than 110 million people are expected to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday night.