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60 million people across the Northeast brace for major snowstorm

More than 60 million people are waking up to blizzard conditions across the Northeastern United States on Thursday, with winter storm warnings in effect from Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and throughout New England. Winds up to 30 mph are expected to create whiteout conditions, with eight to 12 inches of snow expected to blanket New York City, and 12 to 15 inches expected in Boston.

More than 2,700 flights have been canceled out of New York and Boston area airports, with schools closures affecting millions of students. Meteorologists say the storm could be the biggest of the year.

New Yorkers in particular could experience what CNN calls "weather whiplash" as Wednesday set a record seasonal high of 65 degrees: "It's going to be a big shock to people, no doubt," Michael Palmer, lead meteorologist at The Weather Channel, told NBC News. "It's quite unusual to have such a change in the space of one day."