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Seth Meyers takes on Trump's one-sided Nordstrom feud, Kellyanne Conway's QVC moment

Seth Meyers.

The week isn't even over yet, but President Trump has already given Seth Meyers plenty of fodder for a "Closer Look" segment on abusing presidential power.

Meyers first tackled Trump's one-sided war with Nordstrom, noting that Trump tweeted about the department store dropping his daughter Ivanka's clothing line on Wednesday morning, 20 minutes after his daily intelligence briefing started. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer told reporters Trump was "free" at the time, but that didn't sit well with Meyers. "Why was he free when that happened?" he asked. "Did the briefing really take less than 20 minutes? I feel like the president's daily intelligence briefing should take longer than an episode of Vanderpump Rules." He also let Trump's top adviser Kellyanne Conway have it for using an appearance on Fox News to shill for Ivanka's products. "From now on, the only network Kellyanne Conway should be allowed on is QVC," Meyers said, before warning viewers that scarves from the clothing line were recalled last year for not meeting federal flammability standards.

He moved on to Trump claiming on Wednesday that the murder rate in the United States is the highest it's been in 47 years. "I used to say that in a speech, and everybody was surprised, because the press doesn't tell it like it is," Trump told reporters. "It wasn't to their advantage to say that." It's possible that was news to people because it's just not true, Meyers said; the murder rate did slightly tick up in 2015 but it is close to the 57-year low it hit in 2014. "You know, it's easy to surprise people if you just make s—t up," he added. Watch more of Meyers and his examination into Trump's use of his presidential status in the video below. Catherine Garcia