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Late Night Tackles President Trump

Seth Meyers sizes up Michael Flynn's short tenure, quick fall

National Security Adviser Michael Flynn resigned Monday night, after a record 24 days serving in President Trump's White House. "Twenty-four days — I use disposable razors for longer than that," Seth Meyers marveled on Tuesday's Late Night. "He didn't even last as long as a David Blaine stunt." Meyers played a cheeky highlight reel of Flynn's short tenure, then went to the video library. "To be fair to Flynn, he may have broken the law and then lied about it, but it's not like he accused any other public official of breaking the law and called for them to be thrown in jail," he said, setting up a clip from last July's Republican National Convention. He calls the excerpt from Flynn's "lock her up!" speech "really ironic to watch now," but you can judge for yourself.

Meyers briefly recapped why Flynn stepped down, then walked through the rapidly shifting White House response to the Flynn revelations, up to Trump's tweet about it on Tuesday. "Apparently the problem for him is not that Flynn lied, but that we found out about it," he said. Other Republicans didn't seem that concerned with the resignation of a top White House official just three weeks in, either, Meyers said, ending with a movie reference and some skepticism about lawmakers having Valentine's Day breakfast with their wives. Peter Weber