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Russia seeks 'pragmatic,' respectful U.S. relations and a 'post-West world order'

Speaking at the annual Munich Security Conference, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov outlined Moscow's vision for the future shape of international and Russo-American relations.

"What kind of relations do we want with the U.S.? Pragmatic relations, mutual respect, understanding our special responsibility for global stability," he said. "Responsible leaders should make a choice, I hope that the choice will be done in favor a creating a democratic and just world order," Lavrov continued. "If you want, you can call it a post-West world order when each country, based on its sovereignty within the rules of international law, will strive to find a balance between its own national interests and the national interests of partners."

Lavrov also denied allegations of attempted Russian interference in the U.S. presidential election. "Whenever Russia gets blamed, there are no facts," he argued. "I've seen no facts, only accusations." His remarks came shortly after Vice President Mike Pence's speech in Munich, in which the veep pledged the "United States will continue to hold Russia accountable, even as we search for new common ground, which as you know, President Trump believes can be found."