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6 killed in wildfires across 4 states

A fire in Logan County, Oklahoma.

Wildfires are burning across Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Texas, leaving six people dead and scorching acre upon acre of land.

In Kansas, 30 buildings were damaged in Clark County, and 10,000 people have voluntarily left their homes in Reno County, while three fires are raging across the Texas Panhandle. Conditions are dry in all four states, and winds helped fan the flames. Wednesday's forecast shows gusts dropping down to about 10 to 20 mph. "These conditions will make it somewhat easier for firefighting efforts, but far from perfect," Bill Bunting of the Oklahoma-based Storm Prediction Center told The Associated Press. "The fires still will be moving. The ideal situation is that it would turn cold and rain, and unfortunately that's not going to happen." Catherine Garcia