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International Women's Day

A Brazilian soccer team is using jersey numbers to highlight challenges faced by women in the country

In honor of International Women's Day, a Brazilian soccer team is using players' jerseys to highlight statistics concerning the challenges faced by women in the country, soccer writer Jack Lang reports. For example, Alisson Euler, who wears #11 for Cruzeiro Esporte Clube, will wear a jersey tonight that states that a rape occurs every 11 minutes in Brazil:

Other jerseys emphasize that women in Brazil do three times more housework than their male counterparts, that 7 in 10 unemployed people in the nation are female, and that Brazil has the 5th highest rate of femicide in the world.

Still others list that 3 in 10 women have been forcibly kissed, 33 percent have suffered from street harassment, and 27 percent stay with an abuser.

Cruzeiro's players will wear the jerseys for Wednesday's match against Murici in the third round of the Copa do Brasil.