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Monopoly to replace boot, thimble, and wheelbarrow tokens with penguin, rubber ducky, and T. rex

There will be three new tokens on the board in the next edition of Monopoly. After surveying more than 4.3 million Monopoly fans from around the world, Hasbro announced Friday that a penguin, a rubber ducky, and a T. rex were the three lucky tokens chosen to be part of the newest version of the classic board game due out this fall. The tokens will replace the boot, the thimble, and the wheelbarrow.

"While I'm sad to see the iconic thimble, boot, and wheelbarrow tokens go, it will be fun to have some new, fan-sourced tokens in the mix," said Jonathan Berkowitz, Hasbro's senior vice president of marketing. "Personally, I've always especially liked the boot token, but I'm excited to move onto the T. rex."

For anyone not taking the news as well as Berkowitz, take solace in the fact it could've been worse. Game tokens included in the survey that didn't make the cut include a smiley-face emoji, a monster truck, aviator sunglasses, a pair of bunny slippers, and a cell phone.

Since Hasbro nixed the iron back in 2013, that makes the top hat and the racecar the only tokens from the original 1935 edition that will still be in play in the upcoming version. Rounding out the tokens for the new edition are the battleship, the cat, and the Scottie dog.