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FBI recovers Tom Brady's missing Super Bowl jerseys

In case you're hopelessly deep into your March Madness-induced hysteria and completely forgot about the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history — sorry for re-opening that wound — it's good to know the FBI didn't.

To jog your memory: The New England Patriots took home the Lombardi Trophy last month, but quarterback Tom Brady left the arena without his game jersey after it was stolen from the locker room. "If it shows up on eBay or something, somebody let me know. I'll try to track that down," Brady said the day after the game. "Those are pretty special ones to keep."

Evidently, the FBI did Brady's detective work for him: According to an NFL statement, the FBI recovered not only Tom Brady's Super Bowl 51 jersey, but also the jersey from Super Bowl 49 in 2015 that had gone missing as well. Both were found in the possession of a credentialed journalist from the international media, the league said:

Good to know it wasn't in the lost and found.