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Priebus denies a Trump-Ryan rift, suggests future cooperation with Democrats on health care

White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus went to bat on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, addressing the failure of the White House-supported American Health Care Act as well as its political aftermath.

Priebus denied President Trump intended to obliquely support calls for House Speaker Paul Ryan's resignation in his tweeted recommendation of a Justice with Judge Jeanine episode that demanded the Wisconsin Republican step down. Trump's tweet was "more coincidental" and did not involve any "pre-planning," Priebus insisted over Wallace's protest. The president does not blame Ryan or wish him to resign, Priebus continued.

As for the future of American health care, Priebus said, "everything's on the table." The Trump team is not "closing the door on anything," he told Wallace, adding that "it would be nice to get some Democrats on board."

However, he rebuffed Wallace's suggestion that it is unreasonable for Trump to blame Democrats for the AHCA's de facto failure when the White House did not solicit any Democratic support or input. Democrats "weren't going to give us a single vote," Priebus maintained, but "when ObamaCare does ultimately explode, which it will, we're going to be prepared to lead again, and if Democrats come on board with a plan down the road, we'll welcome that."

Watch a brief except of Priebus' comments below. Bonnie Kristian