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Samantha Bee presents an amazing, feel-good story of bipartisan good government in Georgia

On Wednesday's Full Frontal, Samantha Bee introduced viewers to a Georgia Republican legislator who sounds, as she tells it, super creepy and ripe for a primary or general election challenger — because he keeps running unopposed — but she followed it up with an antidote to that tale of political toxicity. "Because Georgia's Democratic and Republican lawmakers also showed us government at its very best," she explained. The protagonists are Georgia state Rep. Scott Holcolmb (D), who convinced his colleagues to unanimously support a bill to address Georgia's rape-kit backlog, and Speaker of the House David Ralston (R), who made stuff happen when the Senate threw up roadblocks. There's also an antagonist, a female one, but what good story doesn't have one? Rape kits are inherent reminders of tragedy, but if you want to put a little good-government glow in your heart, watch the tale Bee spins below. Peter Weber