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Meet BOTUS, an NPR bot that will track how Trump's tweets move the stock market

NPR is making it even easier to track the real-world effects of President Trump's tweets. On Friday, NPR's Planet Money podcast introduced BOTUS, a bot that has the sole duty of monitoring the president's Twitter activity to see how it moves the stock market:

[BOTUS] looks at President Trump's Twitter feed, and when he tweets about a company, it trades stocks, with real money. Because the official Twitter handle of the president of the United States is @POTUS, we named our bot @BOTUS, bot of the United States. There's $1,000 on the line invested by the staff members of the Planet Money podcast from their personal funds. [NPR]

To see whether money is lost or gained when Trump tweets, follow @BOTUS on Twitter. To learn more about the project, listen to the podcast episode below. Becca Stanek