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It wasn't all bad

Law enforcement officials work together to save sick bald eagle

An injured bald eagle is recuperating in Kansas after a team made up of a sheriff's sergeant, two firefighters, and an animal conservationist rallied together to save the bird.

Sgt. Justin Antle of the Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office received a call about a hurt bird near Lake Afton, and he found the eagle, clearly injured and unable to fly more than 10 feet in the air before having to come back down to land. Antle enlisted the help of Ken Lockwood of the Eagle Valley Raptor Center, who on his way to the lake stopped by the Sedgwick County Fire Department and picked up firefighters to assist in the rescue. After following the bird for two hours, they were finally able to capture him.

The eagle, estimated to be about 3 years old, is now being tested at Kansas State University's veterinarian school and being fed by handlers. Once the bird has a clean bill of health, Lockwood said he will ask the team to come back together to release him in the wild. "It's an eagle — that's our national symbol," Lockwood told ABC News. "You just have to go rescue them. You can't just let it die."