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5 months later...

Trump is still hung up on general election polls

President Trump kicked off one of his biggest weeks yet in Washington by tweeting about his proposed U.S.-Mexico border wall and the general election, which he won 167 days ago. He did not mention his fast approaching 100-day benchmark or Congress' Friday deadline to approve a budget or face a government shutdown.

His first tweet of the morning, about polls by ABC News and NBC News released over the weekend, was a carryover from his tweetstorm Sunday in which he slammed the "FAKE" media while simultaneously admitting some bits of its polls about him were actually pretty good. He highlighted that the ABC News/Washington Post poll found that "almost all" Trump supporters stand by their vote for him and 53 percent said he was a "strong leader."

He still wasn't ready to let either ABC or NBC live down their "totally wrong" polls from the general election though, after insisting Sunday he "would still beat Hillary [Clinton]" in the popular vote:

Trump then pivoted to boosting his plans to build a border wall, which he hailed as crucial to protecting our nation's youth:

As for that "if" dangling at the end of Trump's tweet? At the time of publishing, 58 minutes had passed and the president of the United States had yet to complete his thought.