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Hillary Clinton might launch a new political group next week

After making the rounds at some women-centric events this spring, Hillary Clinton may be ready to re-enter the world of politics. Politico reported Thursday that Clinton is gearing up to launch a new political group called Onward Together — a riff on her campaign slogan, "Stronger Together" — as soon as next week.

It's been just six months since Clinton lost the presidential election to Donald Trump, and Politico reports she's spent much of the time recruiting donors and executives for her forthcoming political group. Clinton's spokeswoman declined to comment to Politico on the story, but the magazine cites "multiple people close to" Clinton as well as "people familiar with [Onward Together's] planning."

The board of directors for the group has already filled out, Politico says, and the mission would apparently "focus on sending money to other organizations at a time that Democratic donors are largely unsure about how they should be spending their cash." Read more about Clinton's potential next move at Politico.