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Seth Meyers is here to remind Paul Ryan how he used to feel about rushed health-care bills

Seth Meyers.

Video footage from 2009 is coming back to haunt House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), and Seth Meyers was only too happy to share it on Thursday's Late Night.

Back when it was ObamaCare that was being voted on, Ryan shouted from the rooftops that the bill was being pushed through too quickly, it wasn't bipartisan, and it was "less about health-care policy and more about ideology." Funny story — that's exactly what's happening with the GOP's American Health Care Act today, Meyers said, with Ryan engaging in all of the things he called Democrats out for doing eight years ago. This revised bill has had no public hearings, studies, or a Congressional Budget Office score, and somehow manages to be more unpopular than the Republicans' previous bill. "To get the bill passed today, Republicans added new things that made it even worse," Meyers said. "They basically took an oatmeal raisin cookie and added cilantro."

The CBO found that the first bill would raise premiums for older, poor Americans while giving the wealthiest a huge tax cut, and Meyers believes President Trump "won't be able to hide from the ramifications." After mocking Republicans for acting "absolutely giddy" at a quickly arranged event celebrating step one of a much-larger operation, Meyers had a warning. "Everything that Paul Ryan claimed to hate about the ObamaCare process in 2009, he's doing now," he said. "Republicans are lying through their teeth about the impact of the bill on premiums and pre-existing conditions, and hoping no one will catch them because there's no CBO score, and until last night, there was no text. Americans are being conned, and there will be consequences for the people doing the conning." Watch the video below. Catherine Garcia