Speed Reads

Jumble, 8 letters

Can you solve the crossword puzzle Bill Clinton wrote for today's New York Times?

You might have thought that former President Bill Clinton reached peak Dad when he announced his collaboration with James Patterson on a political mystery novel earlier this week. Of course, that was before you knew Clinton had written a New York Times crossword puzzle — it's in the paper today.

Clinton collaborated on the puzzle with Arkansas district court judge Victor Fleming, who he has been friends with since 1984. Fleming primarily constructed the grid while Clinton wrote the clues. When Fleming proposed certain tweaks, Clinton complained: "Too easy and boring. Might as well print the answers in the puzzle."

The New York Times enticingly adds: "Although the crossword is themeless, as most Friday Times puzzles are, the answer grid has an 'Easter egg,' or secret message, which I won't reveal here. If you solve the puzzle, see if you can find it. None of the puzzle's testers noticed it — although, in fairness, they weren't looking for anything hidden."

The New York Times has lifted its paywall for the Bill Clinton puzzle. You can get to solving it here.