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70 percent of Americans think Trump's behavior is unpresidential

An overwhelming majority of Americans don't think their president conducts himself in a very presidential manner. A Washington Post/ABC News poll released Monday revealed that precisely 70 percent of Americans believe President Trump has acted unpresidentially since he was sworn into office. Just 24 percent of Americans described Trump's behavior as "fitting and proper."

On top of that, 68 percent of Americans said they do not view Trump as a positive role model; 57 percent said the more they hear about Trump the less they like him; and 56 percent said Trump's behavior is "damaging to the presidency overall."

Those opinions could have something to do with Trump's tweeting: Sixty-eight percent deemed Trump's use of Twitter "inappropriate," while 52 percent called it "dangerous." The poll found that far more women (78 percent) found Trump's tweeting "inappropriate" than men (58 percent).

The poll was conducted by phone from July 10-13 among 1,001 adults. Its margin of error is plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.