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Michael Flynn is reportedly planning on launching a legal defense fund

For just a few cents a day, you can support a disgraced former national security adviser as he pays his mounting legal bills.

Michael Flynn, the retired U.S. Army lieutenant general who became one of President Trump's top advisers during the campaign, is setting up a fund to raise money to pay the legal fees that come with being investigated by multiple agencies, a person close to Flynn told Bloomberg. After the inauguration, Flynn lasted just a few weeks as Trump's national security adviser, with the administration saying he was forced out after it came to light that he had misled Vice President Mike Pence regarding discussions he had with the Russian ambassador to the U.S. during the transition.

Flynn — whose duties on the campaign trail included introducing Trump and leading crowds in chants of "Lock her up!" — is a focus of the investigation being led by special counsel Robert Mueller into whether members of the Trump campaign worked with Russian officials to sway the election. "It is mighty expensive to get investigated these days," attorney William Jeffress told Bloomberg. "The problem here is you have not only the Mueller investigations, but congressional investigations, people who will have multiple subpoena and interviews on multiple subjects. That adds up to a lot of legal work."

Even if Flynn isn't charged with a crime, Jeffress said, his legal bills could easily top $1 million. So far, Trump's campaign organization has only paid the legal fees of one person: Donald Trump Jr., with election records through the end of June showing his lawyer was paid $50,000.