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Late Night Tackles the Trump Administration

Samantha Bee has a theory on why Republicans are sticking with Trump, and it drives her to drink

Although President Trump likes to insist he is the most active and accomplished president in generations, many of his executive orders have been blocked by federal judges. "Lady Justice, such a nasty woman." Samantha Bee said on Wednesday's Full Frontal. But Trump is making his move, and he has more than 120 vacancies — or 15 percent of the federal judiciary — he can try to fill with the conservative judges he has been nominating, Bee said, taking her first shot of the evening.

There are so many empty benches because when Barack Obama was president, Republicans blocked a record number of his nominations, she noted, including a spot on the Supreme Court that Trump was able to fill. "This is the prize for which the GOP is willing to sacrifice its honor, its principles, and its underwear comfort: a conservative judiciary for decades to come," Bee said. Trump's picks are not only far-right in their views, but young — federal judgeships are lifetime appointments — and overwhelmingly white. He's even nominated white judges for Obama's never-confirmed black nominees, she said, "which would be like replacing the leads of Atlanta and Insecure with the leads from Hawaii 5-0, and then never canceling the show, ever."

At this point, Bee wasn't the only one drinking on stage. She introduced two of Trump's nominees, noting the perhaps one silver lining: They may have "an old man's worldview," but they pair that with "a young man's need to blurt it all over the internet." The video is mostly safe for work, and you can watch below. Peter Weber