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Hurricane Irma

No, Hurricane Irma is not expected to hit Houston

Hurricane Irma is currently a Category 2 storm but expected to escalate as high as Category 5 before making landfall early next week. As of Saturday, the "extremely dangerous" hurricane is still over the Atlantic Ocean and moving toward the Caribbean, particularly the Leewards Islands. Irma could hit the Eastern Seaboard, but it is too soon to make that prediction with confidence.

Contrary to a faked weather prediction map widely shared on social media this week, Irma is not expected to reach Houston or other areas already suffering catastrophic flooding from Hurricane Harvey. Here is the fake map:

And here is the real one from the National Weather Service:

Mexico's Baja California Peninsula is also drenched in heavy rains Saturday thanks to Tropical Storm Lidia, which has produced flooding that has killed at least four people. The National Hurricane Center has live tracking of Harvey, Irma, and Lydia on its homepage.