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You can now order from Target with the sound of your voice

Target is the latest big-box retailer to pick sides in the war of voice assistants, and it's choosing Google.

Target shoppers across the continental U.S. can now order everything from toilet paper to children's clothing with the sound of their voice, Google announced Wednesday. Walmart, Home Depot, and Costco have already joined the tech giant as it competes with the Amazon Echo and its dominant market share.

Starting today, shoppers can yell out what they need from Target, and their Google Home device will have it shipped to their front door. It's similar to a voice-ordering system Walmart rolled out with Google earlier this year.

More improvements on the process are expected in the next year, Google announced. Users will soon be able to link Target.com accounts and the store's proprietary REDCards directly to Google, as well as pick up orders in-store instead of waiting on a shipment.

The Google Home will also pick up on users' habits to make smart shopping choices. As Business Insider explained, if you tell Google Home to order shampoo and the device is linked to both Target and Walmart, it will know where you usually order shampoo from and choose that store.

Suburbanites, rejoice!