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It wasn't all bad

Newlyweds adopt the stray dog that crashed their wedding

Snoop and her new family.

He went from wedding crasher to part of the family.

When Marília Pieroni and Matheus Gomes Martins got married on Sept. 30 in Laranjal Paulista, Brazil, rain forced them to move their ceremony inside a tent. As guests started to arrive, so did a muddy stray dog. He was led outside, but came back right as Pieroni started walking down the aisle. He was ejected once again, but returned in time for the vows, and settled in on Pieroni's veil. "I was really surprised and thought the little guy was really cute," she told HuffPost.

The dog stayed for the reception, where he dined on food from the buffet before wandering off. The couple decided they wanted to adopt their wedding crasher, and finally tracked him down on Oct. 10. Now named Snoop, he is "adapting very well to his new routine," Pieroni said, adding, "We are so happy with him." There are a lot of abandoned dogs living on the streets of Brazil, Pieroni said, and she hopes that her story will remind people to "not buy animals and to adopt them instead." Catherine Garcia