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Trevor Noah takes a sly #DentureDonald victory lap

On Wednesday's Daily Show, Trevor Noah made a somewhat persuasive case that President Trump's slurred words during a speech on Jerusalem weren't a sign of something worrisome like a stroke, but a problem with his dentures. He played the clip again on Thursday's show then made a show of reprimanding his viewers when they laughed. "That's not funny," he said. "The president is very proud of how handsome he is and how young he is, and I said yesterday that he would hate it if you made fun of his dentures. We said, do not tweet #DentureDonald — we specifically said do not tweet that — but instead, somehow, #DentureDonald ended up trending, No. 3 nationwide."

"It got so big, the White House even had to address the issue," Noah added, with several officials claiming Trump's throat was just dry, including White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who added, oddly, that Trump has a physical scheduled for early next year. "Wait, a physical?" Noah said. "Now I'm even more worried." Still, he deadpanned, "it isn't helpful for us to debate if it was Trump's dentures that came loose, or if it was his dentures becoming misaligned, or some other denture-related issue — that's not the point. We may never know the tooth — the truth, sorry. But the important thing is we have to give the man some dignity." He helpfully reminded people which hashtag not to use. Peter Weber