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Late Night Tackles President Trump

Stephen Colbert has a ball with Trump's early 2018 tweets

Stephen Colbert kicked off his first Late Show of 2018 by talking about the weather, specifically the brutal cold tormenting New York City and much of the rest of the country. "And reports say 'the worst is yet to come,'" he added. He made a joke about the ball not dropping in Times Square, and how it's colder in Canada than on Mars. "Speaking of new lows, Donald Trump," Colbert said.

He read Trump's tweet about needing some "good old Global Warming," then tried to figure out its logic: "Because Donald Trump's cold right now, that's evidence that the Earth is not getting warmer — just like because Donald Trump is president right now, that's evidence we've never had a competent president." Trump really hit the Twitter on Tuesday morning, though, and Colbert poked fun at some of the punchier ones. "Trump took credit for no one dying in plane crashes this year?" he marveled. "That explains his new campaign slogan, 'Trump 2020: You Got to Tulsa, Didn't Ya?'"

North Korea is threatening to nuke the U.S. but also inviting itself to next month's Winter Olympics in South Korea, Colbert said. "There are even rumors that North Korea has been pumping their Olympic team with performance-enhancing food." Of course, Trump is taking all the credit for the Koreas starting to talk again, he sighed, reading the relevant tweet.

Trump hasn't just been tweeting, he also designed a new "challenge coin," Colbert said. "I've received several coins myself, it's a great honor and a wonderful American tradition — so naturally, Trump is ruining it." After going through the ways Trump aggrandizes himself on the medallion, Colbert had a good laugh at Disney's animatronic Trump — or "Jon Voight after a chemical spill," as he put it. "That is truly disturbing — I know one sculptor who did not vote for him." Watch below. Peter Weber