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CNN's Chris Cuomo grills ex-Trump adviser on the president's unhinged tweeting habits

On Monday morning, CNN's Chris Cuomo tried to make ex-Trump campaign adviser Michael Caputo acknowledge that President Trump appears to have a warped sense of priorities, given his recent tweets and bombastic reaction to Michael Wolff's explosive book, Fire and Fury.

"Of the last 10 tweets [made by Trump], only two are about matters of state. Eight of the 10 are personal gripes. Even if you want to cut out the 25th Amendment, mental capacity, how healthy his mind and soul are right now, isn't this proof that he's spending way too much on the wrong things?" Cuomo asked.

Caputo disagreed: "The fact of the matter is this book has come out with some very personal and very visceral, even insulting criticisms of the president of the United States, and he feels compelled to defend himself."

An incredulous Cuomo suggested instead that Trump should ignore the noise around him and focus on governing. "If you voted for this man ... is that why you voted for him, to spend his time defending himself against ghosts of the past?"

While Caputo said he wants the White House to tout more of their "successes and their agenda," he would not concede that Trump's use of Twitter was a problem. "I believe the president has every right, and I expect him to defend himself against this trashy book from a trashy writer," he said.

Watch the whole interview at Mediaite.