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Super Bowl LII

Thousands of Eagles fans are celebrating in the streets of Philadelphia

A little hydraulic fluid isn't going to keep Eagles fans, thrilled with their team's first Super Bowl victory, from scaling light poles.

The Eagles are celebrating their win in Minneapolis, while back home, their fans are shutting down streets across the city. Thousands of people are crying, cheering, singing, and dancing, and even though police put hydraulic fluid on poles to prevent fans from climbing them (Crisco proved insufficient), brave celebrants are shimmying up the greased poles anyway.

CBS Philly reports that in Center City, some rowdy revelers flipped over a car, while others jumped from the Ritz Carlton's awning. Mayor Jim Kenney said the city has "dreamed" of the day it could finally celebrate an Eagles victory, but he urged fans to "celebrate in a way that is safe and respectful to everyone from neighbors to strangers. Go forth and celebrate, but do so in a way that will make Philadelphia shine." Catherine Garcia