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She speaks!

This is what Hope Hicks' voice sounds like, if you're curious

In a White House that leaks like a broken faucet and features a cast of characters constitutionally predisposed to appear on cable TV, Hope Hicks has been an anomaly, a silent communications director, the rare aide who could reach President Trump without going on TV to get his attention. It is probably unintentionally perfect that in her statement announcing her resignation, the main formulator of the president's message said she had "no words to adequately express my gratitude" to Trump.

But Hicks does, in fact, have a voice, and at least 120,000 people have heard it, per YouTube's metrics. Here she is talking to Forbes in the period between the election and Trump's inauguration.

"Aha!" you may be thinking: "Nowhere in that video do you see Hicks actually talking!" Well, around the same time, in mid-December 2016, Trump forced his "shy" press secretary up to the microphone at a post-victory rally. "Hi, Merry Christmas everyone, and thank you Donald Trump," she said.

And, well, now you know.