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Late Night Tackles Guns

Jordan Klepper and his Opposition crew richly mine CPAC for outlandish gun boosterism

"Following the mass shooting in Florida, the left keeps on talking about how to make students safer, and conservatives have one simple solution: guns," Jordan Klepper said on Thursday's The Opposition. "So Kobi Libii, Tim Baltz, and myself, Jordan Klepper, are at CPAC, the annual gathering of conservatives from across the country, to get those deets." They spoke with some national figures, like former Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke (briefly), but mostly got willing CPAC participants to agree to outrageous statements.

"The Second Amendment is very clear when it talks about the militia," one attendee told Libii. "The Constitution is famously unamendable," Libii shot back, and when the attendee replied, "Correct," Libii added, "I'm constantly telling that to my slaves." Klepper got another attendee to nod agreeably to the U.S. being No. 1 in "mass shootings." Not everyone was so agreeable — Chris Loesch ("the second most famous Loesch in the NRA," after wife Dana) had a bit of a confrontation with Libii. You can watch that and the rest of the conversations below. Peter Weber