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mets gonna mets

Watch this extremely bizarre baseball moment as the Mets bat out of order

So this is something you don't see everyday:

As the hometown paper, the New York Daily News, puts it: The Mets really "out-Metsed themselves" with this one. After trading former ace Matt Harvey to the Cincinnati Reds on Wednesday morning, the New York team ended their first inning at the Great American Ball Park with Asdrubal Cabrera hitting a double with two outs, out of order ... and thereby ending the inning.

The Reds manager, Jim Riggleman, caught the error: Brandon Nimmo hit leadoff (he struck out), Wilmer Flores batted second (he struck out), and Cabrera hit his double going third. But per the official card, Cabrera was supposed to bat second, and Flores was supposed to bat third. Jay Bruce, the next batter in the Mets' lineup, was ruled automatically out (ESPN says that the official scorebook has Bruce out as a 2-unassisted, and Cabrera isn't credited with the hit in the box score).

The basic (and hilarious) mistake resulted in the groan heard 'round the world:

Or, as NBC Sports' D.J. Short puts it: "The Mets are finding new and amazing ways to Mets."