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Kelly Clarkson emotionally calls for a 'moment of action' in response to the Santa Fe shooting

Singer Kelly Clarkson, a Texas native, called for change in an impassioned speech during the Billboard Music Awards on Saturday.

Clarkson was responding to Friday's Santa Fe High School shooting, which left 10 dead in her home state. As host of the BBMAs, Clarkson said she was asked to lead a moment of silence for the victims, but instead called for a "moment of action" to prevent future violence.

Fighting back tears, Clarkson recalled the tragedy in Texas. "I'm so sick of moments of silence," she said. "It's not working. Why don't we do a moment of action? Why don't we do a moment of change?"

The crowd cheered while Clarkson declared that the current status quo is "failing our children," forcing parents and communities to live in fear. Watch the full tribute below, via the Billboard Music Awards. Summer Meza