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time is a construct

Meet Nunc, the Swedish company that sells watches that don't work because 'time is now'

Time … it's like a flat circle, you know, man?

Or, if you're the glorified-bracelet company Nunc, time is more like a really expensive Italian marble stone shaped like a blank watch face. As the Swedish company explained to one understandably confused Facebook user who made the mistake of pointing out that a watch that doesn't work is just a bracelet, "Nunc is more than a product, it represents a philosophy and a way of life. And for some time we struggled: Should we call it a watch or a timepiece? It clearly doesn't tell the time."

No, it clearly doesn't, but for 160 euro (about $188), it will aggressively remind you that "time is now, and we should make the most of it" by otherwise being totally unhelpful and impractical:

Rose Nero • 2018 • Nunc "Wherever you go, there you are” - Jon Kabat-Zinn Stay present. Time is now Nunclife.com • #nunc #nunclife #now #timeisnow

A post shared by Nunc (@nunclife) on Mar 21, 2018 at 1:31am PDT

The whole thing seems almost a little too millennial to be true; there is even a "literature & philosophy" page that discusses sophomore-year-of-college philosophy topics like "carpe diem" and "moment mori," and a "spirituality" page that is "coming soon." Go on your own "deep personal journey" to "find meaning and purpose" on Nunc's website here.