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Don't expect to see the winner of the NBA Finals at the White House

If you are a betting person, don't put any money on the winner of the NBA Finals visiting the White House to celebrate their victory.

"I know no matter who wins this series, no one wants an invite anyway," LeBron James said Tuesday. "It won't be Cleveland or Golden State going." The basketball star's remarks came one day after President Trump uninvited the Philadelphia Eagles from the White House; the 2018 Super Bowl champions were supposed to be fêted during a ceremony, but after several players said they weren't going to attend, Trump canceled the visit.

This was "typical" of Trump, James said. "As long as he's in office, then the communication and things like that are going to continue to happen. It's a lot of things that we believe in as Americans that we don't feel that he's for. There are a lot of people that believe that he's not for the people or doing things that's right by the people." James lauded the Eagles for their championship, and said that's "way bigger than getting invited to the White House, especially with him in there, in my opinion."

Golden State players Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant agreed that their team also won't go if they win, and coach Steve Kerr said Trump has made it "pretty clear that he's going to try to divide us, all of us in this country, for political gain," and he looks forward to "the day when we can go back to just having a celebration of athletic achievement and celebrate Americans for their achievement, their good deeds."