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Who's going to Trump's Ramadan dinner?

Who's going to Trump's Ramadan dinner?

President Trump is hosting an iftar dinner, and American Muslims have RSVP'd with a big "no."

While Trump holds a sundown meal to break fast during Ramadan on Wednesday, many Muslims will stage a counter-protest in Washington, The Guardian reports. They'll likely tackle last year's ban on immigration from Muslim-majority countries, as well as Trump's many examples of anti-Muslim rhetoric.

Not that many Muslims got an invitation to the dinner anyway.

Former President Barack Obama's 2009 dinner included dozens of diplomats, lawmakers, academics, and activists, but White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said Tuesday only that Trump's unreleased guest list includes 30-40 people. Muslim leaders who usually attend the event told The Guardian that they heard about the dinner via press releases.

The dinner itself comes as a surprise too, seeing as Trump skipped out on iftar last year. One was held annually from 1996 until then.

Looks like the White House will have some leftovers.