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Late Night Tackles Trump and Immigration

Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers pick apart the Supreme Court's ruling on Trump's Muslim ban

"I've got good news and I've got bad news," Stephen Colbert, "that guy from CBS," said on Tuesday's Late Show. "The bad news is I lied, there's no good news." In a 5-4 vote Tuesday, the Supreme Court "fell for" President Trump's argument that his Muslim ban was really a "travel ban," he explained. "Oooh, 5-4 — this close to being able to look our grandchildren in the eye." Chief Justice John Roberts ignored all of Trump's anti-Muslim comments to reach his decision and ruled that Trump's campaign rhetoric may not be legally determinative. "So the things he said during the campaign may not be true?" Colbert deadpanned. "Wait! Does that mean he's not making America great?"

Trump celebrated the decision on Twitter and with congressional Republicans, then laid out his new immigration plan: "I'm sorry, you can't come in." Hey, Colbert said, "stop stealing your ideas from the sign on Melania's door." Trump also offered some puzzling thoughts on finding immigration judges. "All right, who had 'Make barbers judges' on their Trump meltdown pool?" Colbert asked. "I was close; I had 'Appoint golden retriever to the Supreme Court.'"

Late Night's Seth Meyers also found Trump's comments about judges puzzling, focusing on a Trump rally Monday night in South Carolina. "What other country has judges?" he repeated. "Lots of them — most other countries. In the Netherlands, they even have judges at a special court in The Hague, and who knows? Maybe you'll get to meet them someday." Meyers put the Supreme Court upholding the Muslim ban among the ways "Trump and the GOP only care about seizing political power and then using it to restrict the rights of marginalized people." You can watch his "closer look" below. Peter Weber