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now ask them to keep nacho fries on the menu

After asking Taco Bell to start delivering, 9-year-old gets invited to speak at convention

When her mom denied her request for a Taco Bell dinner, Kinsley James, unable to enjoy a gordita, instead picked up a pen and started writing.

"Dear Taco Bell," the 9-year-old from Davison, Michigan, wrote. "Today I really wanted tacos, but my mean mom wouldn't take me and I'm only 9 so I cannot drive." She went on to spell out why Taco Bell needs a delivery service — some people recovering from surgery can't drive themselves to get food, she said, and others really want nacho fries but are just too lazy to get out of the house. Delivery is also "a good way to make more money," James reminded the company.

Despite being called mean in the letter, James' mom, Cindy Prevo, was nice enough to pass along her daughter's passionate message to Taco Bell, via Facebook. The corporate office soon called and invited James to read her letter in front of 400 franchise owners at Taco Bell's annual convention in Las Vegas later this month. James learned how to write persuasive essays in the third grade, and Prevo said she hopes her daughter's letter "gives every little kid inspiration and motivation to follow a thought or a dream." There is some good news for James and cinnamon twist lovers everywhere — Taco Bell's president of communications told WJRT a delivery pilot program is now underway in Indianapolis, and is expected to launch nationwide soon.