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John McAfee's presidential publicity stunt just recruited a guy with an eyepatch

John McAfee, the man who created the first antivirus software, became a "person of interest" in a murder in Belize, and has lived a generally off-the-walls life, is running for president. And he's got an eyepatch-wearing campaign manager to prove it.

McAfee previously ran as a Libertarian candidate for president in 2016, campaigning on the premise that "we are adults in a world full of mystery," per his clip-art-filled platform ad. He has since spent the past two years spewing cheap wine reviews and a truly mixed bag of ideas on Twitter. On Wednesday he tweeted to affirm that he is running again, and that the "constant warrior" Rob Loggia would be his campaign manager.

One look at this eyepatched man, and you're surely intrigued. (We're pretty sure the eyepatch is aesthetic since Loggia isn't wearing it in his profile picture.) Perhaps you'd also like to know that McAfee is seeking the conspiracy-theory peddling "Q" as his running mate. Or that "no sane person" believes McAfee could become president — not even McAfee himself. He's doing this "to promote what I believe is the only thing that can save us: The Blockchain," McAfee tweeted.

And if, by "one chance in a trillion," McAfee is elected, he says he won't stick around. McAfee tweeted Tuesday that he'd "stand down" and let Vermin Supreme — the legal name of the guy with a boot on his head who ran on a "free ponies for everyone" platform in 2016 — take over the job. Kathryn Krawczyk