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Fox & Friends encourages the media to kneel before Trump

Fox & Friends has a solution for journalists who think President Trump should stop calling them enemies of the people: They should simply report the news exactly the way Trump wants them to.

That's what host Ainsley Earhardt suggested during a Thursday segment defending Trump for consistently vilifying the press. "He's saying if you don't want to be called the enemy, then get the story right, be accurate, and report the story the way I want it reported," said Earhardt, per Mediaite.

While she was technically paraphrasing Trump, Earhardt and her colleagues seemed to find this completely reasonable. Co-host Brian Kilmeade called this a "good point," which is surprising considering just two days ago he said he wishes Trump would stop using the phrase "enemy of the people."

Earhardt also suggested everyone should have sympathy for Trump, asking them to imagine how they'd feel if they were president and every time they watched TV, "most of the channels are misconstruing what you say." The Fox & Friends hosts discussed Trump's Thursday claim that calling the media the enemies of the people is his only way to fight back, largely painting it as justifiable. Watch a portion of the segment below. Brendan Morrow