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Late Night Tackles 2018 midterms

Jimmy Kimmel laughs at Trump's post-midterms 'victory lap' tantrum

Jimmy Kimmel mocked President Trump's election night "victory lap" pronouncement that the midterms were "very close to a complete victory for Republicans." Right, he said on Wednesday's Kimmel Live, "in the same way the World Series was very close to a complete victory for the Dodgers. I mean other than Games 1, 2, 4, and 5, they crushed it!"

Reality might explain why "the president was in a foul and spiteful way this morning," Kimmel said, "calling out all the Republican losers who didn't embrace him." He played the clip. "He is an absolute child, he is," Kimmel laughed. And Trump's "nasty back-and-forth with Jim Acosta of CNN" felt like "it might turn into a wrestling match." That video, too, produced mirthful laughter from Kimmel. "Despite claiming victory, the president was in quite a mood today, and he wasn't just mad at Jim Acosta — he lashed out at just about everybody," he said, playing another highlight reel. "I hope someone had the sense to hide the nuclear button today, put it under a cup or something." Watch Kimmel embrace the lighter side of Trump's meltdown below. Peter Weber