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Late Night Tackles Trump and Russia

Trevor Noah and Seth Meyers aren't overly sympathetic about Roger Stone's FBI raid complaints

"The U.S. government reopened on Friday afternoon, but the FBI was already on the job at the crack of dawn," Trevor Noah said on Monday's Daily Show. "That's right, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has now charged a sixth associate of Donald Trump. This time it was Roger Stone, personal adviser to the president and what Mike Pence would look like after one drink."

This indictment looks pretty bad for Stone and President Trump, but it's also "really interesting" to watch the outrage from their supporters on Fox News over the FBI's show of force, given how they shrug off police excesses against black people, Noah said. Honestly, "I agree with Roger Stone" that "the amount of force the police used to arrest him did seem excessive," Noah said. "But I also don't blame the cops. They were just following orders from the top. ... Poor Trump: He thought rough policing would only apply to MS-13. Who knew they would also be using it on the MAGA 6?"

The Late Show had a COPS-inspired reminder of some of those arrests, and playfully forecast the next FBI raid.

"Remember, Trump brags that he only hires the best people, calls the Russia investigation a hoax, calls CNN fake news, and his government shutdown left FBI agents without pay," Seth Meyers said on Late Night. "So it was especially ironic when one of Trump's closes associates by unpaid FBI agents working for the special counsel in the Russia investigation, and the whole thing was caught on tape by CNN." Also, he added, "imagine being such an a--hole that FBI agents will come into work and arrest you for free."

Still, there's a logic being Stone's audacious complaints about the FBI's treatment, Meyers argued. "Stone is obviously angling for a pardon from Trump, who has shown a willingness to praise witnesses who refuse to cooperate and attack those who do." He also made copious fun of Stone's outfits. Watch below. Peter Weber