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Trump brings back the fast food buffet for another football team's White House visit

President Trump apparently doesn't need a government shutdown as an excuse to serve a fast food buffet.

Trump welcomed North Dakota State football players to the White House on Monday and served them McDonald's and Chick-fil-A for lunch, per The Washington Post. He hosted players from Clemson University back in January and served fast food as well, ostensibly because of the partial government shutdown.

But Trump apparently just likes this idea now since the government has been up and running for weeks and yet a similar menu made a return on Monday. He made it clear as could be this was a deliberate choice, telling the players, "We could have had chefs, we could have, but we got fast food because I know you people very well." Trump also told them, "We like American companies, OK?" The Post's David Nakamura reports that the players were scheduled to eat lunch at the Capitol, not at the White House, meaning "this must be an audible by [Trump.]" Brendan Morrow